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Masport – Ideal Mowing Solution for Sandy Turf

Perth’s sandy soils present particular mowing and maintenance challenges. The turf structure tends to be far more fragile than in loamy soil, making it hard to achieve a beautifully manicured look without doing damage to the root structure of the grass. Rotary mowers are particularly harsh on turf, as they essentially work by slashing the grass. Furthermore, in the sort of turf found in and around Perth they tend to raise the sand, further destabilising the turf and greatly accelerating the rate of blade wear. A cylinder mower is far kinder to the grass, as it “slices”, rather than slashing the blades of grass. And because the cutting action is far gentler, a cylinder mower raises less sand, making for healthier turf and far longer cutting blade life.

We stock three Masport cylinder mowers:

  • For the typical domestic user, the Masport Olympic 400 has a 16 inch cutting path width – ideal for access to smaller spaces and narrow turf strips.
  • For the larger domestic block, the Masport Olympic 500’s 20 inch cutting path and easy height adjustment make for faster, more accurate mowing.
  • Specifically designed for large, open areas, the Masport Olympic 660 has a whopping 26 inch cutting path, making it a particular favourite among gardening professionals.

All Masport cylinder mowers are powered by the most respected name in small utility engines

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